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Round table on the experimental transplantation of Posidonia oceanica at Priolo Gargallo

As part of the events planned in the Augusta Bay between 9th and 13th July, for the meetings between stakeholders involved in the management of Posidonia oceanica transplants in the four study sites LIFE SEPOSSO organized a round table held in Augusta (SR).

The round table aimed at discussing the main aspects concerning the management of Posidonia oceanica transplants, with a specific focus on those transplants carried out as a measure of environmental recovery in areas such as the Augusta Bay in 2014, covering an area of 2.500 square meters.

In order to verify how transplanting is carried out to date, Life SEPOSSO has organized a series of monitoring scuba dives to collect new data and observations. These observations, together with the techniques used to carry out the transplantation, have been discussed during the round table session.

SETIN is one of the LIFE SEPOSSO’s partners and Ecolinfa members are working on this project.

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