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Experiences of the company and its associates

Blue Economy as a Catalyst to Green Recovery for Guinea-Bissau Project

Consultancy on the natural resources governance framework of Guinea-Bissau. Sector involved:

Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment (SESA) study in the coastal area of Guinea-Bissau

The study, carried out under the “Strengthening the Adaptation and Resilience

Development of Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Akkar and Jbeil Districts

Consultancy concerning the following aspects and activities: development of a financial

Final External Evaluation of the Etikapun’Nha Project

Project cofinanced by the EU and the Instituto Marquês de Valle

Integrated Management Plan of the Bolama-Bijagos Archipelago Biosphere Reserve (RBABB)

Drafting of the RBABB Integrated Management Plan. Activities: 1) Analysis of

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of  Formia Urban Development Plan

SEA of the Formia Municipality Urban Management Plan and Appropriate Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment of piers in the Ponza Island harbor basin

Environmental Impact Assessment for the authorization of 5 piers within the

Abruzzo Lazio e Molise National Park Management Plan

Drafting of the National Park Management Plan and the relative Technical

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Port of Vasto Master Plan

Field surveys, drafting of the Environmental Report, drafting and implementation of

Technical support for the development of the CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) project

CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects

Support to the management of spatial data in an ARCGIS Platform in the Tiber River Basin

Construction of the cognitive framework relating to environmental corridors, preparation of

Analysis of seaside and nautical tourist attendance in La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

Analysis of seaside and nautical tourist attendance in space and time

Atlas project of invasive alien species in Lazio Region

The project aimed at reducing the impact of alien fauna species

Redesign of the Global Invasive Species Database

The project aims at creating a free, online searchable source of

Development of a Framework for Data Armonization and Service Integration (HUMBOLDT)

The Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) European Directive aimed

“Innovation flows, european network for the city economy” (In.FlOW.ENCE) Programme

In.FLOW.ence is a three-year project funded by the European Commission within


European project on research on GIS applied to spatial planning, cadaster,


Plan4all was a project financed by the EU e-contentplus programme. It

Burano Reserve forest fire prevention plan, for WWF Italy

GIS analysis to asses the fire risck and treat related to

Reporting for the EU Habitats Directive (III and IV Report)

GIS support for the preparation of the atlas of the distribution

Elaboration of the Gap Analysis of Protected Area System in Cape Verde

GIS analysis to support the analysis and assessment of biodiversity and

Technical support for sustainable financing of protected areas in Cambodia

Examine existing revenue sources and gaps for protected areas management Review

Feasibility study on environmental accounting in Guinea-Bissau

Feasibility study on environmental accounting in Guinea-Bissau under the Strengthening natural

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Curone-Grue-Ossona “Mountain Community” Plan

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan involving many municipalities of 3

Integrated participatory ecosystem management in and around protected areas GEF Project

Giacomo Cozzolino provided consultancy services for the Integrated participatory ecosystem management

Caretta Calabria EU LIFE Project

The Life Caretta Calabria project aims at implementing multiple and integrated


The project ELIFE aims at improving the conservation of elasmobranch species


The main aim of DELFI is the reduction of dolphins mortality


Life Terra is founded on the knowledge that tree planting is


The Italian grey partridge (Perdix perdix italica) is currently considered extinct

Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas System in Mozambique

Giacomo Cozzolino provided high-level technical support in view of establishing the

Safeguarding biodiversity from invasive alien species in the Federated States of Micronesia

Invasive Alien Species (IAS) are the greatest threat to biodiversity in


“A through communication strategy, that involves all sectors, all the stakeholders,

LIFE SUN Project

Umbria, in the heart of the Italian peninsula, represents a transition

LIFE PAN Project

PAN Life project – Natura 2000 Action Programme intends to produce

LIFE TartaLife Project

TartaLife project aims at reducing sea turtle mortality by reducing bycatches

Integrating Biodiversity Safeguards and Conservation into Development in Palau GEF Project

The project objective is to mainstream biodiversity conservation into integrated land


The project Life SEPOSSO, “Supporting Environmental governance for the POSidonia oceanica

Co.Me.Bis EU LIFE Project

The Co.Me.Bi.S. (Conservation Measures for Biodiversity of Central-Mediterranean Sea) Project, founded

Payments for Ecosystem Services in Guinee-Bissau

Elaboration of a Catalogue of best practices and success stories of

Final Evaluation of Forestry Resources Project in the PNTC (Guinea-Bissau)

Final Evaluation of the Gestão sustentável dos Recursos Florestais no Parque

Environmental Evaluation of Project Proposals under the ENI MED Programme

Giacomo Cozzolino is an Environmental Evaluator of Projects proposed under the

Ex-post evaluation of the Gilgel Gibe II Hydro-electric Project

Evaluation of the results, the foreseen effects and the first environmental

Design of thematic routes on the territory of the GAL “Cittadella del Sapere”

Technical Assistance: tourism development; landscape and territorial analysis and assessment; GAP


Through information, communication and training, the goal of the LIFE ASAP

Technical Assistance on Environmental Impact Assessment in Guinee-Bissau

The project aims to support governmental bodies in applying environmental assessments

Sustainable Financing of the Protected Areas System in Cape Verde

The consultancy, has been developed by Giacomo Cozzolino in the framework

Payments for Ecosystem Services Strategic Plan in Ethiopia

The PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) Strategic Plan represents a general

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