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Ecolinfa experts actively participated in the preparation of the full proposal of CORALIFE Project. The main objective of CORALIFE is to maintain and restore the marine biodiversity of reef habitats in Civitavecchia and Argentario M. coastal areas (Italy), included in the “Habitats Directive” under the code 1170 “Reef”.
The project actions will restore the habitat through the recovery, maintenance and restocking of coralligenous species that are accidentally caught as bycatch during fishing activities. The project will defend unregulated diving activities, anchoring on reef sites and mortalities caused by fishing activities.
Main objectives are:
• development of facilities for the deployment of an Observing Maintaining and Farming System (OMF) that will ultimately enable the reintroduction of bycatch organisms back to their natural environment on natural substrates of selected sites
• standardization of protocols, methods and techniques related to coral recovery, in situ transplantation and conservation
• active involvement of local fishermen for sample collection and the development of a Code of Conduct.
• moorings for the protection of reef habitats hotspots and the establishment of interdicted areas to fishing and anchorage
• involvement of diving associations in the protection activities