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Cost–benefit analysis on the introduction of the Strategic Environmental Assessment in Cabo Verde

Last year a new Decree-Law for the introduction of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Cape Verde was prepared, under the BIO-TUR project. The option of introducing the SEA needed to be deeply analyzed, in order to assess costs and benefits.
The cost-benefit analysis, based on ecosystem services approach, has been finalized during the last month and the Final Report presented to UNDP Cape Verde Country Office and National Directorate of Environment.
SEA should be introduced in the Country, to avoid negative impacts, mostly due to tourism infrastructures development in Sal, Boavista and Maio. The costs of the “zero” scenario (i.e. no introduction of SEA in the Cape Verdean legislation) would overpass 30 times the costs of its introduction and SEA should support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, for the sustainable and inclusive growth of the Country.
The cost-benefits analysis has been prepared by Paulino Dias and Giacomo Cozzolino.