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SETIN will assist Lago di Bracciano and Martignano Park in the development of the “lake contract” (joint water management tools)

The river’s contract is a new tool based on the voluntary agreement between local authorities and privates as a form of negotiated and shared planning procedure, based on citizens consultation and active participation. It aims at adopting regulations, agreements and operational tools to improve the water management at regional and local scales, considering, inter alia, environmental sustainability, social values and public benefits.

In the last call for lake contracts, Lazio Region decided to include also the opportunity to realize specific contracts for lakes. In that case, lakes are the main element and the scheme is called “lake contract”.

Bracciano Lake will be the focal geographical element of a specific contract, coordinated by the Bracciano and Martignano Park.

SETIN is in charge to technically assist the development of this lake contract.