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Farewell to the MAVA Foundation

MAVA was born of the passion, vision and adventure of Luc Hoffmann. Created in 1994 to’promote the protection of nature’ and support the conservation of iconic sites: the Camargue in France, the Bijagos archipelago in Guinea-Bissau, Doñana in Spain, the Prespa Lakes in Greece, Northern Macedonia and Albania and the Banc d’Arguin in Mauritania. Sometimes neglected by mainstream conservation, they all have exceptional natural value. Click here to learn more about these exceptional sites and some of the extraordinary people working in them.

Since then, MAVA grown into a professional foundation, becoming a key funder of global conservation. But, everything comes to an end and the time has come for MAVA Foundation. The farewell celebration took place on 9th March 2023 and was live streamed. The recording of the event will be available later this week.

For celebrating the end of an era, MAVA Foundation released the MAVA Book that recounts the history of the MAVA Foundation and pays tribute to the invaluable work accomplished by its partners over its lifetime. You can download the MAVA Book here.

SETIN was considered MAVA’s friends in the book, as we colaborated with the foundation in two projects:

  • Preparation of a project proposal for Guinea-Bissau to the Legacy Landscape Fund (total grant: 15 M USD), Guinea-Bissau
  • Policy guidance for a post-COVID strategic approach to coastal and marine conservation in West Africa, Cabo Verde

In this bittersweet moment, we want to thank MAVA’s invaluable contribution to the conservation, protection and management of the natural and cultural heritage. We are proud to have collaborated with MAVA!