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Payments for Ecosystem Services Strategic Plan in Ethiopia

The PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) Strategic Plan represents a general strategic policy document in the field of the green economy in Ethiopia; it has been developed by Giacomo Cozzolino under the Mainstreaming Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation (MIBC) in the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE) GEF Project. The PES Strategic Plan is designed to provide all the actions needed to create the conditions to design, adopt and implement PES schemes in the Country. The main scope is the definition of the actions needed to collect, channel and distribute revenues coming from the valorisation of ES and to use them to finance environmental protection, climate change mitigation/adaptation and biodiversity conservation initiatives, giving a significant contribution to improving (or slowing/halting/reversing the decline of) the conservation status / ecological condition of ecosystems and their services and improve environmental governance at the national and local level.