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Preparation of a project proposal for Guinea-Bissau to the Legacy Landscape Fund (total grant: 15 M USD)

Project area: PN Lagoa de Cufada, PN de Cantanhez, Corredor de Cuntabane, PN de Dulombi, Corredor Salifo, Corredor de Tchetche, Parque de Boe (total area: 600.000 ha).

Consortium: MAVA, IBAP, Bioguiné Foundation, local NGOs.

Main project topic: biodiversity conservation, ecological connectivity, alternative and sustainable livelihoods, socio-economic and ecological monitoring and evaluation, environmental restoration and reforestation, climate adaptation, public services for local communities.

Main activities:

  • facilitating a participatory consultation process
  • elaborating, on behalf of the Consortium, the complete submission package required by the LLF (Project Concept, Logical Framework and Budget), with the contribution of all interested actors
  • accompanying the Consortium during the revision of the submission package