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Technical support for the development of the CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) project

CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects which focuses on using a citizen science approach on biodiversity. It was funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ programme. The project wants to stimulate the participation of the citizens, involving them in the study, management and conservation of biodiversity, hence creating an active collaboration between citizens, scientific community and institutions.

CSMON-LIFE aims to activate various citizen science campaigns and collect, through a simple application for smartphones and tablets, reports on alien species, rare and indicators of particular climate changes.

The collected data, once validated by sector experts, are accessible on the CSMON-LIFE project website. All validated data enrich the databases of the National Biodiversity Network, a national database system promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea.