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Life SEPOSSO organizes the “Restoring e governance” Networking event in Ischia (NA)

In the whole of the planned events in Ischia (NA), last 27 September in the port of the city, M.EDU.S.A s.r.l. of Alessandra Benini hosted the meeting  “Restoring e Governance” organized by LIFE SEPOSSO at the “Navigando verso Aenaria” multimedia room, in Ischia Ponte.

The “Regno di Nettuno” Marine Protected Area, the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, the Life ROC-POP project, the Horizon 2020 MERCES project and the Interreg SASPAS project participated in the event. The aim of the meeting was to share the scientific and divulgation targets as well as the results achieved to date by the various invited projects.

SETIN is one of the SEPOSSO partners, Alessandro is the Project Manager and Giacomo the Ecosystem Services Specialist of the project.