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Biodiversity loss and climate change are deeply connected: to solve one, we must tackle both

The Paris Agreement goals cannot be achieved without nature. As we halve emissions by 2030, we must also reverse the dramatic biodiversity loss across the world. COP27 is a critical COP for nature as it precedes the delivery of the Global Biodiversity Framework (CBD) to be developed under the Convention of Biological Diversity at COP15 in Montreal, Canada.

The Biodiversity Day at COP27, on 16th of November, will address several aspects of nature and ecosystem-based solutions, including but not limited to, impacts of climate change on biodiversity and the means to mobilize global actions, impacts of climate change on oceans, endangered species, coral reefs and sustainability of protected areas to deliver ecosystem services to human. Download full program here.

For instance, Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF) works to protect the world’s most outstanding natural places. LLF is a global network of sustainably funded and effectively managed conservation areas helping to halt the dramatic loss of biodiversity in outstanding legacy landscapes. Know more about LLF work and projects here.

Between March 2022 and June 2022, SETIN, in charge for MAVA, Bioguiné Foundation, BirdLife International and local NGOs, was responsible for the preparation of a Project Proposal for Guinea-Bissau to the Legacy Landscape Fund. The project proposal includes the following target areas, with a total area around 600,000 ha: Lagoa de Cufada Natural Park, Cantanhez Natural Park, Cuntabane Ecological Corridor, Dulombi Natural Park, Salifo Ecological Corridor, Tchetche Ecological Corridor and Boe Natural Park.