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Blue Economy as a Catalyst to Green Recovery for Guinea-Bissau

Despite the diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystem, Guinea Bissau has not embarked on a strategic reflection on the opportunities and risks of exploring its Small Island Developing State (SIDS) potential. As shown by the COVID-19 Socio Economic Impact Assessment (accessible here), the blue economy can be the key to recovery from COVID-19 impacts and to embark on a greener and more sustainable and inclusive development pathway.

Through the Rapid Financing Facility (RFF), $ 1,5 million were allocated to support the green recovery efforts of Guinea Bissau for COVID-19. The UNDP project – “Blue Economy as a Catalyst to Green Recovery for Guinea-Bissau” – highlights Guinea-Bissau’s status as a SIDS and its opportunities to tap into its vast Blue Economy potential to lead an inclusive and sustainable socio-economic recovery that leaves no one behind. The project aims to serve as a catalyst to help Guinea-Bissau reap the opportunities to redirect its economic development. More project details are available here:

SETIN was recently contracted for the implementation of this project. Later last week, the consultants conclude their field mission in Guinea-Bissau. The interviews to relevant stakeholders would not have been successfully completed without the amazing team of consultants: Paulino Dias from PD Consult, Susana Palminha from BoG, Carlos Albuquerque, Marinho Cumara, Banor Fonseca and Nicolau Mendes.