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Validation Workshop for the “Micronesia: Tourism Support for Biodiversity Conservation” Project

We are excited to announce the significant progress made during the Validation Workshop for the “Micronesia: Tourism Support for Biodiversity Conservation” project, held on the 16th of May at DECCEM. This key event is a step forward for the GEF Child Project, which is part of the Blue and Green Islands Integrated Program (BGI IP) with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as the GEF Agency.

The project team was represented by Giacomo Cozzolino, PPG team Leader. The workshop was led by Ms. Cindy Ehmes, GEF Operational Focal Point for Federated States of Micronesia. The primary goal of this workshop was to finalize all key elements of the project design and to ensure consensus and support from all key stakeholders.

The key outcomes of the workshop included:

  • Finalize negotiations on co-financing and budget allocations with principal project partners;
  • Explain next steps in the GEF project cycle, including drafting grant agreement, agency approval, and project implementation;
  • Managing expectations around timing and funding;
  • Conclude the GEF Operational Focal Point (OFP) review process, as mandated by Palau’s internal OFP procedures, conducted by the relevant government ministry.

Participation at the Validation Workshop was limited to project partners that have had an active role in the project development to date and/or are receiving GEF funding during execution. This may include: the Project Development Team, executing partners, relevant government ministries, and the OFP.