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Blue Economy as a Catalyst to Green Recovery for Guinea-Bissau Project

Consultancy on the natural resources governance framework of Guinea-Bissau. Sector involved: fisheries, land and soil, biodiversity and protected areas, water resources, agriculture and rural development, forestry resources, environmental assessment, mining, maritime space and fisheries, climate change, waste and pollution.

Specific activities:

– coordination of the team;

– stakeholder engagement;

– preparation and revision of the reports.

Main topics/outputs:

– Benchmarking analysis with other countries;

– Analysis of the legal framework

– Analysis of the statutory and customary laws, policies, norms

– Analysis of the environmental financial institutions (national environmental fund and biodiversity conservation trust fund) and the general financial framework for the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation

– Accountability and transparency of institution managing natural resources

– Identification of needs and capacity gaps

– Identification and prioritization of actionable interventions and pathways

– Development of a governance framework for natural resources

– Advocacy Plan