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Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment (SESA) study in the coastal area of Guinea-Bissau

The study, carried out under the “Strengthening the Adaptation and Resilience Capacities of Vulnerable Communities in the Coastal Zones of Guinea-Bissau to Climate Risks” GEF Project, aims to identify and assess the significant and probable environmental and social issues of coastal zone development activities and propose a framework plan that guides the economic and geo-ecological zoning of these zones. The study supports the elaboration of terms of reference for the integrated coastal zone development and management plan.

Consultancy concerning the following aspects and activities:

  • analysis of the legal, institutional, social, economic and environmental issues related to the development of the coastal zone in Guinea-Bissau
  • identification of environmental, social and health opportunities and constraints
  • identification of options and alternatives for the local communities’ adaptation to climate change
  • proposal of a geo-ecologic zoning
  • guidelines for future plans and programs for coastal areas, with a specific focus on climate change adaptation and for the EIA processes of the interventions foreseen by the Project