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“A through communication strategy, that involves all sectors, all the stakeholders, local communities and the private sector, in order to emphasize their participation and responsibilities, is a crucial factor for the effective implementation of the post 2010 in theme of biodiversity“ (Siracuse chart adopted by G8 on the biodiversity thematics). In this statement, is the sense of the project FARENAIT, designed and developed by CTS in collaboration with Coldiretti, Comunità Ambiente, ISPRA and the Lombardia Region and supported by the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the Regions of Abruzzo, Marche and Calabria and the Province of Agrigento. Through a complex communication campaign the project aims to achieve a significant increase of the awareness and knowledge about ‘Natura 2000’ network in Italy, towards the government, farmers and people who live in agricultural and rural areas inside the Nature 2000 sites.

Alessandro Piazzi was the Project Manager Assistant.