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SETIN will assist Lago di Bracciano and Martignano Park in the development of the “lake contract” (joint water management tools)

The river’s contract is a new tool based on the voluntary agreement between local authorities and privates as a form of negotiated and shared planning procedure, based on citizens consultation and active participation. It aims at adopting regulations, agreements and operational tools to improve the water management at regional and local scales, considering, inter alia, environmental sustainability, social values and public benefits. In the last call for lake contracts, Lazio Region decided to include also the opportunity to realize specific contracts

SETIN will prepare the Management Plan of Primeval Beech Forests Natural World Heritage Site

SETIN is involved in the preparation of the “Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe” UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The Site is composed by 67 sub-sites (i.e. component parts or clusters) across Europe and, in Italy, this Natural World Heritage Site is composed by 10 sub-sites, located in 5 parks. They comprises “outstanding examples of evolutionary and developmental processes of beech forests since the glacial period, giving rise to a terrestrial ecosystem that has shaped an

Introduction of the environmental accounting system and Gross Ecosystem Product in Guinea-Bissau

United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry for Environment and Biodiversity are implementing the “Strengthening natural resource valuation capacities for improved planning and decision-making to conserve the global environment” GEF Project in Guinea-Bissau. The goal of this project is to make better decisions to meet and sustain global environmental obligations through improved natural resource valuation and accounting in the Country.  To that end, the objective of this project is to develop technical and institutional capacities for undertaking an economic valuation of

Bem Diverso Project – field visit to Alto Rio Pardo, Minhas Gerais, Brazil

A field trip was held in the Alto Rio Pardo, in Brasil, to visit experiences in this agro-forestry area. The trip is part of the initiative on Mainstreaming Sustainable Use of Forests for Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation, under the “Sector Dialogues”, and it is promoted by the European Union, Ministry of Economy, EMBRAPA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and the Bem Diverso UNDP/GEF Project. Sector Dialogues are a cooperation instrument aimed at reinforcing the strategic partnership between

Cost–benefit analysis on the introduction of the Strategic Environmental Assessment in Cabo Verde

Last year a new Decree-Law for the introduction of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Cape Verde was prepared, under the BIO-TUR project. The option of introducing the SEA needed to be deeply analyzed, in order to assess costs and benefits. The cost-benefit analysis, based on ecosystem services approach, has been finalized during the last month and the Final Report presented to UNDP Cape Verde Country Office and National Directorate of Environment. SEA should be introduced in the Country, to avoid negative

Project and Financial management services for European Projects

In the last 10 years SETIN has gained extensive experience in the field of Project Management of complex projects and in Financial Management for the financial reporting, mainly European funded projects. Based on this experience, SETIN has developed a highly professional team that allows us to provide quality services in the following areas: • Project Management of European projects • Financial Management and Reporting of funded projects • Project Monitoring For more info you can write an e-mail to:

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