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Blue Economy as a Catalyst to Green Recovery for Guinea-Bissau Project

Consultancy on the natural resources governance framework of Guinea-Bissau. Sector involved: fisheries, land and soil, biodiversity and protected

Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment (SESA) study in the coastal area of Guinea-Bissau

The study, carried out under the “Strengthening the Adaptation and Resilience Capacities of Vulnerable Communities in the Coastal

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment on Nature 2000 sites (protected areas) of the Italy-Tunisia Interreg Nexus Programme

The Italia-Tunisia Program includes actions in many sectors of international cooperation, local and regional development, such as transport,

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment on Nature 2000 sites (protected areas) of the European Regional Development Fund

The ERDF includes actions in many sectors of local and regional development, such as transport, tourism, digitalization and

Preparation of a project proposal for Guinea-Bissau to the Legacy Landscape Fund (total grant: 15 M USD)

Project area: PN Lagoa de Cufada, PN de Cantanhez, Corredor de Cuntabane, PN de Dulombi, Corredor Salifo, Corredor

Development of Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Akkar and Jbeil Districts

Consultancy concerning the following aspects and activities: development of a financial needs assessment (analysis of the current financial

Final External Evaluation of the Etikapun’Nha Project

Project cofinanced by the EU and the Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (IMVF), providing recommendations to increase effectiveness,

Economic evaluation of the mangrove’s ecosystem services and estimation of its economic contribution for the Guinea-Bissau

Study carried out under the “Managing mangrove and productive landscapes for climate change mitigation” GEF Project.

Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) for the “Conservation and sustainable use of Liberia’s coastal natural capital” Project

Project objective: To improve conservation and sustainable use of Liberia’s coastal natural capital by mainstreaming the value of

Integrated Management Plan of the Bolama-Bijagos Archipelago Biosphere Reserve (RBABB)

Drafting of the RBABB Integrated Management Plan. Activities: 1) Analysis of the environmental and socio-economic context of the

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of  Formia Urban Development Plan

SEA of the Formia Municipality Urban Management Plan and Appropriate Assessment of the potential impacts of the Plan

Environmental Impact Assessment of piers in the Ponza Island harbor basin

Environmental Impact Assessment for the authorization of 5 piers within the Ponza Island harbor basin

Abruzzo Lazio e Molise National Park Management Plan

Drafting of the National Park Management Plan and the relative Technical Implementation Rules. Preparation of the Strategic Environmental

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Port of Vasto Master Plan

Field surveys, drafting of the Environmental Report, drafting and implementation of the Communication Plan, drafting of the Environmental

Technical support for the development of the CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) project

CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects which focuses on using a citizen science

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