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Environmental Impact Assessment of piers in the Ponza Island harbor basin

Environmental Impact Assessment for the authorization of 5 piers within the Ponza Island harbor basin

Abruzzo Lazio e Molise National Park Management Plan

Drafting of the National Park Management Plan and the relative Technical Implementation Rules. Preparation of the Strategic Environmental

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Port of Vasto Master Plan

Field surveys, drafting of the Environmental Report, drafting and implementation of the Communication Plan, drafting of the Environmental

Technical support for the development of the CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) project

CSMON-LIFE (Citizen Science MONitoring) is one of the first Italian projects which focuses on using a citizen science

Study of the techniques and methodologies useful for the control of cormorant populations in the province of Grosseto

Survey to quantify the size of the population, assessment of the damage caused by predatory action on ichthyophagous

Distribution and density of nesting of Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) in the Rome Municipality

Research and critical analysis on the density and distribution of Hooded Crow in the Rome Municipality with GIS

Land cover mapping of the coastal area of the Province of Rome

Land cover mapping of the coastal area of the Province of Rome (1:10.000), in compliance with the CORINE

Support to the management of spatial data in an ARCGIS Platform in the Tiber River Basin

Construction of the cognitive framework relating to environmental corridors, preparation of the environmental corridors’ transformability map, implementation of

Geodatabase implementation of the 2006 Development Plan of the National Electricity Grid

Implementation of the geodatabase of all actions foreseen in the 2006 Development Plan for the National Grid, as

Environmental monitoring plan for compliance with the requirements relating to the intervention “380 kV Feroleto-Maida power line”

Field surveys, collecting data on plant species, assessment of vegetation, assessment of key animal species, reporting

Implementation of an information system for invasive alien species:  Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species

The project aims at addressing Aichi Biodiversity Target 9 and supporting its achievement- with the development of the

Analysis of seaside and nautical tourist attendance in La Maddalena Archipelago National Park

Analysis of seaside and nautical tourist attendance in space and time through remote sensing, as part of the

Atlas project of invasive alien species in Lazio Region

The project aimed at reducing the impact of alien fauna species on the regional biodiversity heritage. It was

Redesign of the Global Invasive Species Database

The project aims at creating a free, online searchable source of information about alien and invasive species that

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